Sculpture Garden

Farleys Sculpture Garden

Designed for sculpture, the garden presents our permanent collection of works chosen by Lee Miller and Roland Penrose, alongside works by contemporary guest sculptors.

Over the years, giants, goddesses, mythical African creatures and Roland’s own work has populated the garden in the company of work by his friends F. E. McWilliam and Heinz Henghes. In continuation of Roland and Lee’s wish to promote living artists, contemporary sculptors are invited each year to exhibit in our garden. This year we have work by Christine Kowal Post, Peter Brooke-Ball MRSS Sioban Coppinger, Salvatore Cuschera, Keith Pettit,  and Two Circles Design

As well as being a beautiful place to relax, the garden served in Roland and Lee’s day as an important source of fruit and vegetables for Lee’s table. All were utilised in gourmet and surreal meals which were presented to their guests. The flower beds and Lee’s herb garden were in Roland’s original design and remain in use today.