Farleys House & Gallery

Tucked away in the Sussex countryside Farleys conjures up an extraordinary atmosphere that testifies to its position as a meeting place for some of the key personalities in 20th century art.

Lee Miller and Roland Penrose moved to the Sussex countryside to live at Farleys in 1949. For the 35 years that followed they filled their home with a collection of contemporary art treasures and were visited by some of the key personalities of twentieth century art.  Today Farleys is the base of the Lee Miller Archives and The Penrose Collection from which books, exhibitions and reproduction rights are privately managed by the family.

The House & Gallery and Garden open every Thursday, Friday and Sunday (April – October) offering visitors the chance to take a tour of the house, relax in the garden, enjoy exhibitions and light refreshments in the gallery and experience the extraordinary atmosphere of Farleys.