About this exhibition

Guy Stevens graduated from Chelsea School of Art in 1994. He was enrolled on the Fine Art Painting Degree but much of his time was spent developing multi media projects, using video, photography, performance, installation and sculptural techniques.



In 2001 Stevens taught himself to work with stone. He says, ‘I have a rough idea, and then let it happen, seeing what I can make the stone do. Most of the time I do not know what the result of my physical labour will be; shadowy reflections and echoes of forms move in and out of focus in the stone as I work.’

Stevens is most happy when the creative process he uses, reveal the odd or the playful. Forms he did not know were his, become reality in stone. He says, ‘I hope to give the viewer or discoverer of my work the same sense of voyage, process and emotion that I have felt in its creation.’