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‘LoveLee’ membership offers you six different levels of support of Farleys House & Gallery and the Lee Miller Archives, and because we want you to know how grateful we are, access to some incredible exclusives.


  • A special monthly blog written by Lee Miller’s only son, the celebrated writer Antony Penrose.
  • Bonus #AskAntony videos revealing the hidden gems to be found at Farleys House and the Lee Miller Archives.
  • ‘LoveLee’ podcasts, based on Lee Miller’s original letters and manuscripts.
  • Exclusive discounts on tours and books in our online shop.
  • Exciting ‘Behind the Scenes in the Archive’ updates.
  • Special annual gifts.

ANTONY PENROSE’S BLOGS offer insight into life at Farleys in the 1950s and the PODCAST SERIES ‘Love Letters bound in Gold Handcuffs’, explores the burgeoning relationship between Lee Miller and Roland Penrose, their friends, travels and her life in Cairo in the 1930s (during which the couple racked up more than 300 pages of letters!)

We’re so excited to take you behind the scenes. Become a ‘LoveLee’ member