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Divinity (including column)




Gilded resin, oil colour, oak
edition 1/10
Height 3.05m x 28m x 28m

Christine has created the wonderful, ‘Divinity’ for installation in Farleys this spring. This work explores our relationship with animals and celebrates the mythological and spiritual significance of dogs throughout history. Her sculpture is in praise of dogs, as givers of simple friendship and love.

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Humans have evolved with dogs. As well as sharing our lives for millennia dogs have entered our mythologies. It’s no coincidence that many cultures have considered dogs to be divine creatures, a status usually only conferred to humans. They have enjoyed a sacred role in both Greek and Egyptian mythology (Cerberus and Anubis) and have been honoured in Christian, Aztec, Chinese and Hindu cultural practices. The dingo, which is also a canid, plays a prominent role in the Dreamtime stories of indigenous Australians. Worldwide, our canine friends have long been not only loyal companions but also our defenders and protectors, they have herded and hunted with us and shared our food, homes and family life. They show empathy and like us they obey social rules. They also seem to enjoy simple pleasures and perhaps we should follow their example if we want to live happier lives because they can teach us about the meaning of life, about friendship, comfort and love, and for many of us that love is mutual. This sculpture is in praise of dogs.

Gold dog on tall pillar sculpture

Gilded resin, oil colour, oak

Divinity (including column)