The End (For Now)

About this exhibition

Suzannah Pettigrew’s photographic stills are augmented through c-type prints, digitally printed fabric photo-sculpture, audio soundscape and Generative Poetry Intervention. The double media filter enhances the 8mm and VHS grain captured in the photographs; the black borders, which give no sense of spatial placement, push the images further into the past. While abstracted memories surface as captured stills in print show family life with intimate recollection. The film archive was mostly captured in East Sussex where Pettigrew grew up.

Suzannah Pettigrew is an artist living and working in London. Pettigrew’s practice explores digital tactics of power play and the evolution of participation in a post-human society, examining the implications of digital culture and technological advancements on the individual and collective psyche. She intertwines photography, text, sculpture, sound, video and performance with world building ideas and language. Pettigrew expands her intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships to communicate the emotional duality experienced in exchanges between the digital and physical. She emulates our encounters with screens and the spaces within screens by splicing imagery, rituals, and observations. Pettigrew presents multimedia excerpts through an evocative decoding of our shared realities back to the audience.


Pettigrew’s practice spans from commercial photography to art direction and digital creative projects.

Selected exhibitions include: ICA (London), Guest Projects (London), LUX (London), Mimosa House (London), 3537 (Paris), Trauma Bar und Kino (Berlin) and Monom (Berlin). She has participated in Art Week at Kuhlhaus (Berlin), Mira Festival (Barcelona), IMPAKT Festival (Utrecht), Vorspiel Festival (Berlin), Art Night at Google UK (London) and River of Light (Liverpool). She has completed two online residencies with DAR (Digital Artist Residency) and 11:11 Residency. Her work has been exhibited online with Dateagle Art and Off Site Project, The Wrong Biennale and isthisit. Press coverage includes Wallpaper, Dazed, The Face, SHOWstudio, Elephant, Sleek, Something Curated and Important Magazine.