Surrealist Lee Miller

About this exhibition

Lee Miller was ‘Caustically brilliant, yet totally loyal, unpretentious, human and intolerant of sham. She was a consummate artist and a consummate clown; at once an upstate New York hick and cosmopolitan grande dame; a cold, soignee fashion model and a hoyden…


She was a mechanical ‘tinker’, the the sense that her friend [the artist] Alexander Calder called  himself ‘just a tinker’. She was the nearest thing I knew to a mid-20th century renaissance woman’ descrided David E. Scherman, LIFE photographer and her very close friend. This retrospective exhibition ranges from Lee Miller’s early Surrealist work in Paris through the many chapters of her life including her time as a war correspondent.


This exhibition is one of the Lee Miller Archives internationally touring shows. It has been exhibited in museums in Italy, Spain, Sweden and Mexico. This selection was curated by her son Antony Penrose, co-founder of the Lee Miller Archives who has been researching, lecturing and writing about his mother’s legacy for over 40 years.