Listen to What You See

About this exhibition

Each piece that Amy creates, acts as a vivid representation of her internal reaction to Bach, and, more specifically, they are her response to Glenn Gould’s interpretations of Bach. For Amy, the music of these composers produces inner visions in colour, which she then captures as best she can on paper.


Amy says, ‘Music and art have long shared a kindred spark. An artist can compose colour, shape, and form by building upon feelings and structure, in much the same way that a musician adds notes and instrumentation to their work to build sound into feelings. Many an artist has been moved to explore, and pay homage, to the sensations which arise when certain musical works are heard, or rather, felt. Thus, sound gives way to vision, and a visual manifestation of the emotions experienced by the artist are projected outward via their chosen medium.’



Amy Grantham lives and works in New York City. She devotes almost everyday to her artistic practice, and maintains a strict schedule of work, which varies in duration according to the available light throughout the year.