Lee Miller Studios, Inc.

About this exhibition

Arriving in New York, after leaving Man Ray and her Paris studio Lee Miller issued share certificates trading under the official name of ‘Lee Miller Studios Incorporated’ to help fund the studio she set up on 8 East, 48 Street.

She convinced her younger brother Eric to be her assistant and together they wired the electric lighting so she could control it from a switchboard as Lee preferred to use more dispersed light over the hard look that spotlights gave her portraits. Lee Miller’s resume of interesting characters that she had already captured in portraits in Paris and progressive open minded spirit for the time meant she also shot portraits of personalities that society didn’t accept at the time.

Like same sex couples and cross dressers as well as the artist Joseph Cornell who though now is well recognised as an artist, at this time was mostly shunned by the mainstream art world. The first time that most of these portraits have been exhibited and gives an in depth look into the breadth and style of work that Lee Miller was producing in this specific period.