About this exhibition

Influenced by the likes of Fay Godwin and Michael Kenna, Lin has always had a love of landscape and much of her work is of that genre. She seeks to capture the spirit of a place, evoking the very feeling and atmosphere that she senses there, using light as her tool. “Between Land and Sea” represents a journey along the East Sussex coast, capturing the landmarks that occupy the space where the land meets the sea.

“The seed of this project first came to me in 2010 after Hastings Pier was the subject of an arson attack that threatened its existence. As a photographer I see a pier as the focal point when walking along a seafront. Yet, after the fire, the possibility of there being an empty space where the remains stood led me to document the many structures along the ever-changing coastline before they too are destroyed or reshaped. For Hastings Pier there has been a new beginning, yet for many of the other structures their future is far less secure.”

Lin has used what she terms as ‘slow photography’ in the creation of this project, making images with long exposures to convey a feeling of the solidity yet impermanence of our coastline, both natural and manmade over the passage of time. The resultant almost dreamlike images produced are most befitting of a show at the Home of the Surrealists.