Emmy Bridgwater: The Edge of Beyond

About this exhibition

After studying at the Birmingham School of Art, and visiting the International Surrealist Exhibition of 1936, Bridgwater, who was a skilled painter and draughtswoman, went on to become one of the founder members of the revolutionary Birmingham Surrealist Group.

Bridgwater juxtaposed unexpected, symbolic elements in her art; painting, making collages, writing poetry, and completing ‘automatic’ ink drawings in her pursuit of chance manifestations of the subconscious. In the 1940’s, Breton wrote, “Bridgwater brought a new purity of outlook to British Surrealism, returning to the early days of the movement, to its ‘automatic’ beginnings in France.”

Bridgwater is now, “Deservedly joining the ranks of ‘rediscovered’ surrealists, who should never have been forgotten. Highly regarded during her lifetime, by both critics and the founders of surrealism, she was a visionary force who changed the face of art history.” Edited text from ‘Emmy Bridgwater: A Surrealist State of Mind’ by Ruth Millington.