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Shoe Shine for your precious calf shoes, Spit and Polish, Vogue Studio, London 1941


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Another angle that British Vogue took to support the war effort was to encourage the continued care of clothes with ‘make do and mend’ articles like this one that spells out how shoes must be looked after, especially the precious ‘last relics of unrepeatable stocks from France’. It informs on how cleaning and polishing shoes correctly can prolong their life whilst also promoting the Lilywhites’ dungarees Ms Lubbock the model is wearing. Published in British Vogue, June 1941, P59. 

Matted C-type digital print made from digital file sourced from Lee Miller’s original negative. 

Image size: 17.2(h) x 21.5cm(w)
Paper size: 22.5cm(h) x 20.4cm(w)
Mount Size: 35cm(h) x 28cm(w)