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Afternoon-into-Dinner Dress (Long), Vogue Studio, London, England 1941


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‘There is no golden rule for spending coupons. Only you know precisely what type of new outfit you need most’ starts ‘Filling the Gap’ article which shows examples of inventive ways to rectify this in the reader’s wardrobe. Ms Oxford models how a telescoping blouse when paired with first a short skirt and as in this image a long preplumed skirt can be economically used for both afternoon and dinner wear. Published in British Vogue, October 1941, P67.

Matted C-type digital print made from digital file sourced from Lee Miller’s original negative. 

Image size: 22.9cm(h) x 17.2cm(w)
Paper size: 22.5cm(h) x 20.4cm(w)
Mount Size: 35cm(h) x 28cm(w)