About this exhibition

The photographs in Syrian Road were taken in May 2008 with the cheapest of cheap plastic cameras called a Holga; it has a plastic lens, has one shutter speed and two settings; cloudy and sunny. Though the camera is plastic curiously it uses professional quality film; the result are often dreamy pictures bursting with colour. The exhibition and accompanying book aim to give a view of what Syria looked like before the current tragedy unfolded.

‘I took photographs in streets in towns and villages on the road, in magnificent, often deserted ruins…’

‘…it may be the fear that it could be a very long time before we can roam freely here again that make these pictures so important to me.’

The beautiful book entitled Syrian Road which accompanies the exhibition is available to purchase when you visit Farleys Gallery.

All prints are also available to purchase.

22 JUL – 9 SEP 2018
Open Sundays only, 10am-4.30pm.
Farleys Gallery admission is free.
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