Jobbing Photographer

About this exhibition

During the late 70s he joined the Evening Argus, the Brighton based newspaper, and stayed for over 20 years.
“No two days were the same. Travelling from one end of the county to photograph hard news and features on everyday people was far more rewarding than a two week fashion shoot in a Moroccan sand dune of the latest in Haute Couture fur coats”


As part of a Milleniumn project Tony worked with Brighton and Hove’s many ethnic groups and nationalities to create a photo essay depicting how different cultures and traditions contribute to the life of the community.  “The diversity of culture combined with a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere are what makes this area so special for many people.”

With the active help and co-operation of the communities concerned Tony took more than 3000 black and white photographs of celebrations and customs rarely seen by the community at large.

Much of the idea for the project had been conceived during his time at The Argus

‘My work took me into all areas of the community. I was fascinated by the way so many different cultures continued to thrive and maintain their identities’