Free Galleries and Garden Entry with Free Performance by Applause

Free Galleries and Garden Entry with Free Performance by Applause

Applause is a cultural, charitable organisation that collaborates with people across Kent, Sussex, Essex, and the wider region to create opportunities for creative experiences in local communities.


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Cracking the Crinoline: Thursday 22 August, 11am and 2.30pm. Sunday 25 August, 11.30am

Cracking the Crinoline delivers a short, sharp, surprising sting.

Combining crinolines, corsets and boxing boots, our Queen B’s remind us not to take older women for granted. The piece is visually vibrant, uplifting, and will leave audiences reaching for their Marigolds.

“Wonderfully witty performance. A real firecracker!”

Moving Memory Dance Theatre has been entertaining family audiences since 2011. The company’s witty, surprising and life-enhancing performances draw from the perspectives and experiences of older people.


Emoto-Matic: Friday 23 August, 11am and 2.30pm

Emoto-matic is a hilarious new show, with music, clowning and audience participation.

Audiences watch a live demonstration of how to extract and bottle unwanted emotions, from a team of haphazard scientists. Exploring themes of feelings, how important it is to express yourself, and men showing their emotions, this funny, family show will have the whole audience disco dancing and laughing around your event.